All members invited

NFU General Assembly 2016

We arrange for the annual meeting/general assembly on Friday afternoon, after the NFU onference (25 Nov at 16.30). The meeting will be held at the same venue as the conference.

Kurs- og Konferansesenter
Rosenkrantzgate 7
0159 Oslo
Entrance: Kristian IV gate

Please find the draft of the annual report 2016 here: Annual report NFU 2016.pdf 

Your participation and input is welcome!

We quote from the NFU Articles of Association:

3. The General Assembly
The General Assembly is supreme authority of the association.
• Members are summoned to the General Assembly in co-arrangement with the NFU
Annual Conference with least four weeks’ notice. All members are entitled to attend and
to vote. Any proposals to the General Assembly must be available to the Board two weeks
before the meeting.

• The General Assembly shall approve annual report, annual audited accounts, annual
membership fees, work plan and budget for the coming period as presented by the Board.
Further, the General Assembly shall decide on coming NFU annual conferences, on any
other proposals timely received and undertake elections based on presentation by the
Nomination Committee.