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Submission Deadline for 2016 Is Now Closed

NFU MA thesis award 2016

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Submission deadline for the Master's Thesis Award 2016 is now closed.

The award will go to a Master's thesis that makes a contribution to the field of development, either by practical application or theoretical innovation. This field is broadly defined, and is not confined to the Global South.

Theses examined 1st of August 2015 or later are eligible for submission. The master student who submit the thesis must be examined at a Norwegian institution, and be a registered member of NFU. Become an NFU-member here: http://www.nfu.no/online-membership-registration-form.172229.en.html)

The winner will be announced in November, and the award will officially be handed out at the NFU Conference, this year held in Oslo.
Read more about the conference here:

In addition to submitting the thesis, one should also submit a scanned transcript of your MA grade, and a 1-page summary of your study and its contribution. This summary will be used to screen submissions in an initial round of evaluation.

The Evaluation Committee consists of members of the NFU board.

The award is 10,000 NOK, a diploma, and you will be of course added to the Master Thesis Award "Hall of Fame", see the previous winners here:  http://www.nfu.no/hall-of-fame.237435.en.html

The submission deadline: 1st of October 2016.